The aim of my lessons is to create a comfortable, interesting and motivating learning environment that helps you learn or improve your German or English language skills. Each lesson will be tailored to your needs by choosing the topics you're interested in and determining what steps need to be taken to meet your goals. During the lessons, I include reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises with conversational elements being the key to prepare you for authentic situations in the REAL world.

Kick it all off with a FREE trial session (45 mins) so we can assess your language level, agree on future topics of interest and to let you see for yourself if my teaching approach matches your needs and expectations.

Pick a class option below and send me a quick message including your learning goals. I'll then provide you with a quote based on your needs. Also good to know, the learning materials come for free.

Private 1 on 1

This is a good one! A private tutoring session will allow you to progress at your own speed, ask all the questions you have on your mind and show off your language skills in a non-intimidating environment.

Mini-group (2-5 students*)

You like to chat with classmates that are on the same level as you, have friends who want to learn German or English as well or enjoy a good group discussion? Then this might be the right option for you.

*A minimum of 2 students needs to register to make this class happen. Drop me an email to enquire about it. 

Be spontaneous and PAYG*:

You don't know if this is going to fit into your schedule or budget for the next 5 weeks? Take 1 step at a time and book your lesson when you know your availability.

*applies to 1 on 1 tutoring only

Book an online class*

The world is a busy place so why not create a more flexible learning environment by cutting out a bit of travelling time. All you need is a a free Skype account!

*requires a stable internet connection

Mix & Match

Combine different types of lessons to fit it all around your busy lifestyle or to simply mix things up.

Let's say, you book a pack of 10 which includes...

  • 4 private lessons,
  • 4 group lessons*, and
  • 2 Online sessions.

The actual cost will be determined based on your choice. 

*a min. of 2 students need to register to make this class happen.